cover The Exploding Piano
Missy Mazzoli, Michael Gatonska, Anna Clyne,
Dan Becker, Randall Woolf.
Produced by Sheldon Steiger (MajorWho Media 2010)
Kathleen Supové, piano and electronics
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cover Infusion* 4 works for Piano and Electronics
by Yarnell, Woolf, Kaplinsky, and Epstein
(Koch International Classics) 2004
Kathleen Supové, piano and electronics
Now available on iTunes
cover Mystery System*
music by Lukas Ligeti
(Tzadik) 2004
including Delta Space for Disklavier; Kathleen Supové, Yamaha Disklavier
cover Awakening at the Inn of the Birds
music by Michael Byron
(Cold Blue) 2003
Kathleen Supové, synthesizer
cover Ereia
by Nick Didkovsky
(Cuneiform) 2000
featuring Dr. Nerve and Sirius String Quartet; Kathleen Supové, piano
cover Play Nice
twisted tutu (Kathleen Supové, Eve Beglarian)
(O.O. Discs) 2000
Kathleen Supové, keyboards, vocals, other instruments; Eve Beglarian, vocals, keyboard, other instruments
Where The Wild Things Are
music by Randall Woolf
(CRI) 2000
Kathleen Supové, keyboard
cover Solo Flights* compilation
(CRI) 2000
including Our Mingling Arms for solo piano by Molly Thompson;
Kathleen Supové, piano
cover Rock Steady*
music by Randall Woolf
(CRI) 1998
including New Dancétudes for solo piano; Kathleen Supové, piano
coverEmergency Music
(CRI) 1998
compilation, featuring twisted tutu, music by Eve Beglarian
Landscaping for Privacy, Kathleen Supové, keyboard; Eve Beglarian, vocals
Robert Carl: Works for Piano*(Centaur) 1996

major works for solo piano;
Kathleen Supové, piano
music by Mary Ellen Childs
(XI Records) 1996
featuring Kilter for two pianos: Kathleen Supové and Anthony De Mare, pianos
cover Mrs. H.H.A. Beach
music by Amy Beach
(Koch International Classics) 1995
including Suite for Pianos on Irish Melodies for two pianos, Virginia Eskin and Kathleen Supové, pianos
cover Rasa
music by Shirish Korde
(Neuma) 1995
Kathleen Supové, keyboards
cover David MacBride *
(CRI) 1994
including Chartres for solo piano, Kathleen Supové, piano
cover Ritual Melodies
music by Jonathan Harvey
(Bridge) 1993
Kathleen Supové, synthesizer
cover Figure 88*
music by Lang, Woolf, Foss, Epstein, Rzewski
(CRI) 1992
all solo piano music; Kathleen Supové, piano

*indicates Kathleen Supové as featured soloist

Many additional recordings exist in Ms. Supové's private collection. Please email her for any specific inquiries.